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Size Issues and Women

Most women say that size doesn't matter - it's the "motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat", yet the results of anonymous surveys reveal quite a different story. Possibly up to 80% of women wish their partner's penis size was larger by 1 - 4 inches. Most women keep their desires a secret because they are sensitive to their man, don't want to hurt his feelings, and (mistakenly) think there is nothing they can do about it.

Why do most women wish their partner had a larger penis? It's a matter of simple mechanics. Women have sexual pleasure centers which need to be physically stimulated in order to achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction. Many women who make love to a man with an inadequately sized penis admit that they remain sexually unfulfilled and sometimes fake orgasms to spare his feelings.

You've suspected it all along, and you are right - according to women: size honestly does matter.

Fortunately you can enhance your penis, just as you can increase and strengthen the size of any muscle in your body. ProSolutionPills, ProEnhance and For Men Only are highly recommended by to enhance your penis and improve your, and your partner's, sex life. Read our full reviews of the products by selecting a link from the menu to the left.