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Common Sexual Positions

There are no right or wrong ways to have sex. But, arguably, there are some techniques and positions that get your juices flowing more than others.

Having sex, or sexual intercourse, refers to any physical intimacy between people, but it is commonly used to describe the insertion of the erect male member into the female vagina.

Sex can be wild and energetic, or soft and subtle which can be performed in a variety of ways. The most common sexual positions are:

Missionary Position: So called because of a story that this sex position was taught by Christian missionaries as the only "proper" sex position. The woman lies on her back, her man on top. The advantage of this position is that both partners can see each other eye to eye. You can have relatively deep penetrations which can be combined with kissing and caressing. Though it supposedly produces the quickest male orgasm, it is a bit uncomfortable for the woman (with man's weight upon her) and tiring for the man (who must support his weight with his arms and knees).

Doggy Style: Or in Latin, coitus more ferarum "sex in the manner of beasts." It is similar with the mating positions of horses and dogs, hence the rather animalistic term. The man penetrates her woman from behind, while she crouches on all fours, facing down. Although penetration is quite deep, achieving alignment takes practice.

Cowgirl: Also known as woman-on-top, it derives from the image of a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. The man lies on his back while the woman is on top of him, with his body between her legs. With this position, it is possible for both parties to see and caress each other. This time the woman takes control while the man enjoys the glorious view from the bottom.

Spoon: In this position, the man and the woman lie side by side, with the woman's back pressed against the man's front. The man guides his penis into her vagina from the rear. There is full-body contact in this position allowing the couple to cuddle one another. Although, penetration is quite shallow and there is little visual stimulation for either party.

69 Sex Position: Also known by its French name soixante-neuf. The couple lie on top of the other upside-down (like the number 69), allowing for simultaneous oral sex.

Other sexual positions include sitting, kneeling, standing, and non-penetration or low-penetration sex, with the penis stimulated between legs, thighs, breasts, or armpits.

Try to mix and match. Experiment on different positions with varying rates and rhythms to find out what works for you best. Keep the fires of passion burning alive by adding new excitements and sexual surprises that'll keep you and your partner wanting for more.