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Andromedical Researches Penis Size Worldwide

Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego , director of a medical company specialised in andrology, has carried out a detailed research to determine the average penis length worldwide.


In his long professional experience, Dr Gomez de Diego has directly treated more that 1,500 patients in his laboratory.

According to a study published by the Spanish Society of Andrology in the year 2001, the average penis length in the erected state among Spanish males was established at 13.58 cm. This lead Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego to question the accuracy of this research, since his own experience in his laboratory made him come to the conclusion that the average penis length was rather 14cm.

Hence, Dr Gomez de Diego carried out a widespread research, which took into consideration several studies published by prestigious physicians of different nationalities. He concluded that the average size, according to all studies, is to be established at 14cm, confirming thus the aforementioned research carried out by Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego.

The Penis Size Worldwide

Average in erection
Average in Flacidity
12.9 cms.
5 inches.
8.8 cms.
3.4 inches.
Wesseells H., Lue T., McAicnich J.
14.48 cms.
5.6 inches.
Dr. Gunther Hagler, Urólogo.
13.58 cms.
5.3 inches.
Dr. Javier Ruiz Romero
Clínica Tres Torres, Barcelona, 2001.
16 cms.
6.2 inches.
12 cms.
4.7 inches.
Bouchet A., Cuilleret J.
13 cms.
5.1 inches.
8 cms.
3.1 inches.
Japanese Journal of Sexology
12.4 +/-1.6 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Paulo Palma, Urólogo. Brasil.
Carlos da Ros, Claudio Teloken
15 cms.
5.9 inches.

10 cms.
3.9 inches.

Dr. Jamal Salhi de la Sociedad de Andrología de Italia
Dr. Carpenito Ambulatori Especialista en Andrología.
12.7 cms.
5 inches.
9.5 cms.
3.7 inches.
" Dimensiones peneanas en la población venezolana "
Servicio de Urología , Hospital Domingo Luciani .
14.9 cms.
5.87 inches.
Dr. Francisco Ordóñez
" Lifestyles Condom Co. In Cancún, México �, 2001.
12.18 +/- 1.7 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Spyropoulos E. et coll
Hospital Naval de Veteranos, Atenas, 2003.
10.2 cms.
4 inches.
" The Jacobus Survey "
12.4 +/-1.6 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Mohamed Habos.
Clínica de Comportamientos y Enfermedades de los Órganos Genitales Masculinos.
14 cms.
5.5 inches.
Dr. Eduardo Pino, Urólogo/ Andrólogo.
Clínica Andromex, Santiago de Chile.
13.9 cms.
5.4 inches.
8.95 cms.
3.5 inches.
Acuña A., Villalba J. & Juan Carlos Villalba.
Clínica A. Saio, Bogotá.
9.6 cms.
3.7 inches.
6.9 cms.
2.7 inches.
Hwancheol Son, Hanjoon LeeJung-Sik Huh, Soo Kim & Jae-Seung Paick.